Config Editor quick start guide

The most important configuration tool for Airlock IAM is the web-based Config Editor.

  • The Config Editor has the following main features:
  • Most behavior of Airlock IAM components is configured in it.
  • All changes can be applied at run-time without session loss.
  • It allows you to validate, edit, save, restore, apply, and reset configurations.
  • Visualization of complex Airlock IAM flows.
  • It offers features for staging, context-dependent configuration elements, and storing secret values externally.

This quick-guide tutorial is about how Airlock IAM is configured in general and not about how to configure specific features. It explains some typical configuration tasks using examples and can be used to learn basic operations with Config Editor web-UI. For a more detailed follow-up tutorial, also see IAM Config Editor (UI).

In this quick guide, we use the Demo configuration template that is included in every Airlock IAM installation.

  • The screens shown in this tutorial may be different from the current screens, as they:
  • depend on the product version.
  • depend on the used IAM license.

Click on the symbol in the Config Editor to get help about a plugin, a property or alike.


  • Administrator rights are required to view or edit the Airlock IAM configuration.

If you accessed this tutorial from the Adminapp web-UI, you should have enough rights to follow this quick guide.