Voluntary password change in Loginapp UI authentication flow

This article describes how to adapt an authentication flow such that the end-user is given the option to change the password within the authentication flow: Voluntary password change in the authentication flow in the Loginapp REST API.

No UI-specific configuration is necessary to use the feature in the Loginapp UI. A checkbox is automatically displayed on the password check page due to the dynamic step activation feature.


Translations for the checkbox labels

  • Translations for the checkbox labels can be added or changed using the Loginapp Design Kit:
  • Standard translations are available: Use the step ID voluntary-password-change in the Voluntary Password Change Step to take advantage of default texts. Also, refer to the template configuration Demo Configuration.
  • The translation keys are of the following form: authentication.pages.actions.dynamic-step.<step-id>.
  • In the Loginapp Design Kit, you may enable the checkboxes by setting Show DSA Checkboxes.