Flash SMS support in Airlock IAM

A flash SMS (also called Class 0 SMS) is a type of SMS message that gets displayed directly on the end-users phone screen and usually does not get automatically stored.

Most Airlock IAM features using SMS support the flash SMS message type.

  • In mTAN authentication, Airlock IAM distinguishes the following settings:
  • Flash SMS on or off depending on a flag stored in the user record.
  • Flash SMS always on
  • Flash SMS always off

Note that not all SMS providers support flash SMS.

Note that it is up to the mobile phone how to display flash SMS.


Whether to use flash SMS or not is defined in the mTAN Settings, but in
Loginapp >> ... >> Basic mTAN Settings >> Use Flash Messages

The per-user setting stored in the database always takes precedence over the configuration.

Per-user settings in the user management

If using the Adminapp plugin mTAN/SMS Token Controller to manage mTAN tokens in the user management, the administrator may choose for each user, whether flash SMS or not should be sent:

Adminapp - menu Users, tab mTAN_SMS, Flash-SMS Yes

If Default is chosen the configured value is used (see above).