Cronto token self-management

Airlock IAM provides Cronto related self-services for logged-in users with the corresponding access rights.

List of services in the Cronto token self-management

The following self-services are available to the user. Whether a self-service is available depends on the configuration, access- and authorization conditions, and whether a Cronto account is available for the user.

  • List Cronto tokens of the user
  • Add (activate) a new Cronto token
  • Remove a Cronto token
  • Rename a Cronto token (display name)
  • Enable or disable a Cronto token
  • Order an activation letter

Further information and links

  • Configuration in the Loginapp UI:
    • In Loginapp >> Protected Self-Services: configure Cronto Device List.
    • In Loginapp >> Protected Self-Services >> Protected Self-Service Flows: add flows for the required management operations (e.g. Default Cronto Device Renaming Flow, Default Cronto Device Removal Flow, Default Enable Cronto Device Flow, Default Disable Cronto Device Flow, or custom flows for activation or ordering a letter).
    • Configure the necessary UI settings in Loginapp >> UI Settings.