Semantic versioning scheme for Airlock Secure Access Hub components

This article describes the versioning scheme of the Airlock products.

Affected components:

  • Airlock IAM

About the versioning scheme

The versioning scheme is based on semantic versioning with specific definitions of breaking change:

  • Goals and motivation:
  • One versioning scheme for Airlock Gateway, Microgateway, and IAM.
  • The version number indicates the expected upgrade effort.

Specific definitions of breaking changes

Semantic versioning requires a release to be major whenever it contains breaking changes. We adhere to the following definitions of breaking change.

A version is considered to be breaking and, therefore a major release in the following cases:

Airlock IAM

  • If upgrading requires manual changes for existing features in the following areas:
  • Documented REST APIs
  • Configuration (XML,, environment variables)
  • Loginapp Design Kit
  • DB schemas

Changes on non-published features or features marked as incubating are not considered breaking.