Airlock 2FA Futurae service setup

The Airlock 2FA is based on the Futurae cloud service. Airlock IAM therefore requires a service account to access the Futurae cloud.


The diagram shows how the Airlock 2FA solution depends on the Futurae cloud service. Both smartphone apps and the Airlock IAM connect to the Futurae cloud service for:

  • User authentication
  • Transaction approval
  • Airlock 2FA related user self-services
  • Airlock 2FA token administration

This text explains how to set up Futurae service accounts and particularly addresses security-related topics concerning the handling of the accounts.


Before creating and using live service accounts, make sure to fully understand the implications on security as described in this text.

Make sure, that only legitimate individuals have access to the service credentials of productively used services.

Abuse of the service credentials may result in compromising the Airlock 2FA tokens of all users in the corresponding service.