The Airlock 2FA app

The Airlock 2FA app is an integral part of the Airlock 2FA solution and available for iOS and Android in the corresponding app stores.

Airlock 2FA App Authenticate One-Touch

App features

  • The Airlock 2FA app provides the following features:
  • Authentication with One-Touch, QR codes (online and offline), and Passcode (offline).
  • Transaction approval with One-Touch online, and offline QR code.
  • Supports multiple user accounts.
  • Supports multiple applications or services.
  • Display IAM username or context data (e.g. email address).
  • Note that the username or a context data element is stored in the Futurae cloud. Displaying and thus storing such information in the Futurae cloud is optional and can be turned off in the IAM configuration.

  • Application- or service-specific logo in the app.
  • The smartphone needs to be unlocked to use the app. Optionally, an additional "unlock process" can be required during authentication (this can be configured in the service settings in the Futurae admin web application).
  • The unlock mechanism of the smartphone may involve a PIN, a fingerprint, face recognition, or alike. The lock mechanism is defined by the smartphone and not by the Airlock 2FA app.

    If no locking mechanism is configured on the smartphone, the app may still be used. If you strictly require an "unlock process" when using Airlock 2FA, either use the Futurae app or a custom app.

  • Recovery from smartphone backup (can be configured in service configuration in the Futurae admin web application).

Airlock 2FA App in the app stores

The following QR codes may be used to download the Airlock 2FA apps from the stores:

For the Apple app store:


For the Google app store: