User Self-Registration UI plugin

The plugin User Self-Registration UIs defines the UIs for one or more user self-registration flows.


The user self-registration flows - i.e. the REST services - are configured in Loginapp >> Self-Registration.

The UI for each flow is configured as follows. Please also refer to the documentation in the Config Editor - they may contain additional information, especially for properties not listed here. 



Flow ID

References the user self-registration flow, i.e. REST service configuration, that the user interface configuration refers to.

Usually, this is the only property required. The UI is automatically inferred from the referenced authentication flow and its steps.

Make sure there is UI configuration for the default flow

Customized Step UIs

Gives full control over the UI for each flow step. It allows configuring UI elements such as input fields, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, labels, etc.

Example: define your own UI for the user data registration step.

URLs for User Self-Registration UI

The self-registration UI is reached using the following URLs:




Starts the default self-registration flow.


Starts the self-registration flow with the specified flow ID.



Note that you can place a link to the user self-registration UI on the login page:

  • In plugin Authentication & Authorization UIs, add plugin Password Authentication User Interface as a customized step UI. 
  • Use property User Self-Registration Link to specify whether and what link to display on the login page.