Loginapp UI configuration

This chapter provides information about the configuration of the Loginapp UI in addition to the Loginapp REST API.

The UI configuration can be found here: Loginapp >> UI Settings.

Basic settings

The basic settings define which types of user interfaces will be available to the end-users and configure their details.

Security Settings

Airlock IAM protects its user interface by providing a content security policy (CSP) for the browser to enforce.

Care should be taken when modifying the configuration of the CSP. Since all different versions of all browser products receive the same CSP, it must be configured to enable all browsers to act securely.

Note on configuration context extraction

Configuration context extraction is configured in the Loginapp REST API (Loginapp >> Context Extractor) and not in the Loginapp UI.

The URLs processed during context extraction are the ones of the REST API and do not correspond to the URLs in the browser's address bar.

This imposes limitations on the usage of context extraction with the Loginapp UI. In particular, context extractors relying on the forward location (Location parameter) are not supported.

Customized Step UIs

The property Customized Step UIs is available in the Loginapp >> UI Settings on all configured Flow UIs.

  • The Customized Step UIs property allows:
  • Customization of the Loginapp UI for a specific IAM flow step.
  • Configuring UI Elements such as input fields, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, labels, etc.
  • Configuring UI Elements plugins such as CAPTCHA elements, drop-down lists, input fields, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, labels, etc.

For a complete list of supported custom UI elements, lookup the plugin-list for the property UI Elements, e.g., on any configured Customized Step UIs plugin.

When using a Drop-Down UI Element plugin, the Options properties (for the choosable drop-down list entries) must be unique, i.e., different from all other UI Element plugin IDs configured on the same IAM flow step.

Else, drop-down list entries might interfere with surrounding custom UI elements.