Loginapp UI

The Loginapp UI is a modern single-page web application (SPA) based on IAM's Loginapp REST API. The application interacts with the end-customer for authentication, self-services, and more using flexible and powerful IAM flows.

Loginapp UI login form example for a configured Loginapp REST API basic authentication flow:


It is a cost-effective alternative to building a dedicated UI on top of the Loginapp REST API. It is especially useful because it is designed to work with the flow-based REST APIs, i.e., in most cases, it does not have to be reconfigured if flows are adapted. In addition, with the Loginapp Design Kit most aspects of the Loginapp UI can be customized, i.e. to meet a CI/CD-specific appearance.

  1. Configuration of the Loginapp UI is done in 2 steps:
  2. Loginapp REST API configuration of the IAM flows that should be accessible through the Loginapp UI.
  3. Loginapp UI configuration based on the configured IAM flows.

Browser support for Loginapp UI

The Loginapp UI is tested with the last 2 versions of major browsers with a market share of more than 0.5%. Older versions of browsers may work but are untested.

In addition to the tested last 2 versions of major browsers, Firefox ESR is included in continued.