PostgreSQL as Airlock IAM database

This page describes how to use a PostgreSQL database with the Airlock IAM database schema.

The chosen data layer has to be well managed and monitored. IAM is not responsible for the operation and backup/recovery. For production usage, the data layer should be clustered.

JDBC connector (JDBC driver)

  1. The JDBC connector (postgresql-*.jar) can be downloaded from the PostgreSQL driver downloads website. Make sure to download a version of the JDBC Connector suitable for your PostgreSQL database.
  2. Copy the driver (JAR file) to the libs folder of the common instance (or an instance's folder). Example: cp postgresql-*.jar instances/common/libs/
  3. Configure the database pool plugin (JDBC Connection Pool) accordingly:
    1. Driver Class: org.postgresql.Driver
    2. Url: The JDBC connection string (examples are given in property documentation in the Config Editor).
  4. Restart the IAM instance(s): see e.g. Starting and stopping Airlock IAM (system service integration).