IAM 8.0 release notes


This chapter describes new features in Airlock IAM 8.0, lists potentially necessary changes when upgrading from IAM 7.7 to 8.0, and lists features that have been removed in 8.0.

Airlock IAM 8.0 is a major release with breaking changes.

Actions are required to upgrade to IAM 8.0 even if no new features are used.

The most important thing about IAM 8.0 is that it is the first release without the old JSP-Loginapp. You must migrate to the new Loginapp UI to be able to use IAM 8.0.

Main new features

  • OAuth 2.0 Token Exchange
  • User management extensions in the Adminapp
  • Send an email to the user if logging in from a new device or browser
  • Improved performance in user search and configuration validation
  • PostgreSQL support
  • User trail log is now stored in the database
  • Config variables
  • Admin UI brushup
  • Various new event types

Please refer to the Airlock IAM 8.0 - Changelog for a complete list of changes.


  • Note that the following parts of Airlock IAM have been renamed:
  • The Loginapp REST UI is now called Loginapp UI.
  • The Loginapp REST UI SDK is now called Loginapp Design Kit.