Cronto message custom formatting for the Transaction Approval module

Using formatting tags, the visual appearance of transaction approval messages can be changed by adding Cronto-specific formatting information to strings_*.properties files (see Customizing text elements in the Transaction Approval module).

  • About Cronto message formatting tags:
  • A tag applies only to the text element it occurs in, either title, key, or value.
  • Tags may be placed at any position in the text element.

The following table lists the available formatting types with their available formatting tags:

Formatting type

Available formatting tags

Text colors

  • {RED}
  • {BLUE}
  • {GREEN}
  • {BLACK}

Text alignments

  • {LEFT}
  • {CENTER}
  • {RIGHT}

Font styles

  • {BOLD}
  • {ITALIC}


When setting the styling as follows:

Title{CENTER}&{BOLD}Amount=200 EUR{RED}{RIGHT}&Comments={GREEN}None

The output will look like this: