Event notification settings in the Loginapp

Instruction part 1 – Enable event handling

To enable event handling in the Loginapp:

  1. Go to:
    Loginapp >> Event Settings
  2. Create a Loginapp Event Settings plugin.
  3. The Loginapp event bus will now receive events. At that point, no subscriber is configured.

Instruction part 2 – Add event subscriber

To create an event subscriber (using the E-Mail Event Subscriber plugin as an example):

  1. For the Event Settings plugin:
    Create​​, for example an E-Mail Event Subscriber (Loginapp) plugin.
  2. Configure the E-mail Service for sending the e-mail.
  3. Configure the Recipient Address Provider.
  4. Configure Subject Resource Key with the template to be used for the e-mail.
  5. Configure Body Resource Key with the template to be used for the e-mail.
  6. Optionally enable the Send As HTML feature.
  7. Create a plugin for the Event this subscriber should handle.
  8. Optionally: Configure one or more Value Map Providers to use additional variables with the template.
  9. This consumer will handle one particular type of event and send an e-mail to the end-user mail recipient for events triggered by the Loginapp module.

Instruction part 3 - Use Lock Reason

This configuration is only applicable when handling a User Lock event.

  1. In the E-mail Event Subscriber (Loginapp) plugin use the User Locked plugin in the Event property.
  2. Configure the User Locked plugin with a Lock Reason: the regular expression specifies for what lock reasons the event is handled.