Step 5 – Simple configuration change

In this example, the minimum password length is lowered from 8 (default configuration) to 6 in Password Policy plugin we previously looked up.

  1. Go to:
    MAIN SETTINGS >> Password Settings >> Password Policy
  2. In section Basic Settings, change the Min Required Length to 6.
  3. 29722256.png
  4. The configuration is validated automatically.
  5. Add a change comment in the comment field in the upper right corner of the configuration column.

Validation errors

When changes are made, the configuration is automatically validated. If the validation fails, e.g. due to an invalid negative number, an error is indicated by an exclamation mark right next to the configured element. The Error tab at the bottom of the configuration column also contains detailed information about the error/misconfiguration.

Example with a negative password length:

Configuration error example