Log4j 2 configuration files

Log4J 2 can handle multiple configuration files in a so-called composite configuration. By default, a logging configuration file template is placed in instances/${instance.name}/log4j/ for each module. Since keeping configuration files of modules up to date in parallel can be a source of error and be time-consuming, we created an additional single-source all-modules.xml file to centralize logging settings.

  • Changes in /log4j/all-modules.xml are applied to all module's logging configuration.
  • Individual logging settings for modules can be configured in the corresponding XML files e.g. /log4j/loginapp.xml, log4j/adminapp.xml, without using profiles.
  • Possible use cases for changing all-modules.xml:
  • Add additional custom log appenders (e.g. syslog)
  • Enable/disable built-in appenders (e.g. "PARSABLE" appender)
  • Advanced: Airlock IAM makes use of the Apache Log4j 2 logging library. For more information please refer to: Apache Log4j 2 Website.

Log4j does not support log rotation for symlink paths (log files cannot be deleted in this case). Instead of using symlinks, set the direct storage path, e.g.: iam.log.structured-file.dir = /var/log/iam.