Parameter step and message providers

The parameter step defines the set of attributes (e.g. transaction amount, beneficiary, currency, etc.) required by the message provider in order to create a formatted and translated message that can be sent to the user. 

Example for mTAN:
If sending transaction details to the user in an SMS text message, the message provider knows how to trim the transaction details to be less than 160 characters (the limit for SMS text messages).

Example for Airlock 2FA:
If sending transaction details using the Airlock 2FA app, the corresponding message provider knows how to format the transaction details for the app.

All parameters sent to the REST API must be defined in the configuration. Unexpected parameters will result in a validation error.

Example configuration of the parameter step:


Step 4 - HTTP request - send transaction details

The following REST call is exemplary regarding its messageParameters payload. Additional parameters are not limited and can be freely configured as required.

    "messageParameters" : 
    	"accountNumber" : "0123456",
    	"amount" : "9999",
    	"currency" : "CHF"