Loading and saving a configuration

Configurations can be saved and/or downloaded as XML files.

Create, upload and download

Use the following icons to create, upload or download a configuration:




Creates a new and empty configuration.


Opens a dialog to upload a configuration. The uploaded file has to be a valid configuration XML file.


Downloads the active configuration as an XML file.

Working copies

The Config Editor supports a convenient way of creating a working copy of the current configuration on the server without the need to deploy or download the configuration. Working copies are saved with a timestamp, the author (logged in administrator), and a comment. They provide an easy mechanism to restore a previous version.

To save/load working copies, use the following icons from the toolbar on top:




Saves a working copy with the current timestamp, the author (logged in administrator) and a comment. Just enter the comment and press the "save" button.


Opens a dialog with all saved working copies (see image below). To load a working copy, select an entry and press the "load" button.


Configuration activation

In the toolbar on top of the Config Editor, there are two related icons:




Reloads the active configuration from the instance directory.


Opens the configuration activation dialog. It gives an overview over validation errors and the configuration file to be written. If you push the "Go live!" button, the configuration file is written. All active components will immediately load and apply the new configuration without a server restart. If an error occurs during deployment, for instance because the strict configuration validation fails, the component gives feedback on the success of configuration activation. The deployment dialog summarizes deployment success. For details on activation failures, please consult the LogViewer. If the activation takes too long, an "activation timeout" occurs. Please refer to the separate page Configuration activation timeout for details an to learn how to change it.

A comment can be entered for the activated configuration. It helps identifying the configuration among other stored configuration files (see "load working copy" above).