Configuration validation

  • In the toolbar on top of the Config Editor, the validation environment can be selected:
  • OFF: Property values are not validated.
  • Default: Properties are validated to follow simple constraints, e.g., it is checked that mandatory fields indeed have a value set or that only valid numbers are provided for integer properties.
  • Strict: Validation assumes that the Config Editor's web server runs on the target deployment system. Stricter checks are performed, e.g, for file properties, it is checked whether the files actually exist.
  • Next to the validation environment selection, two icons indicate the overall (global) and plugin (local) validation state:
  • The overall (global) state includes all validation errors in the entire configuration field. 
  • The plugin (local) state only refers to validation errors on the currently selected plugin configuration.

All validation messages from the entire configuration can be found in the "Errors" docking panel at the bottom.

Click on either icon to see the validation messages at the bottom:


Note that there are limitations to configuration validations when using configuration variables. See Using environment variables in the IAM configuration for further information.