Plugin overview

On top, the type, the identifier and optionally the parent, as well as a comment are shown for each plugin configuration:

  • Type: Shows the plugin type (e.g. "SMS Authenticator" or "LDAP User Persister"). The type is determined by the configured plugin and cannot be edited.
  • Identifier: An arbitrary string denoting the plugin configuration. The identifier must be unique among all plugin configurations. It is used for the following:
    • Provides a meaningful name of the configuration. It is displayed in drop-downs when selecting configurations and therefore helps selecting the correct plugin configuration. It is therefore advisable to provide meaningful identifiers to all configurations that are possibly used more than once.
    • Required if the configuration is to be specialized by another configuration (hierarchical parent relationship)
  • Comment: Optional comment that can be used to describe the configuration. The search panel (see below) can search in comments. Therefore the comment can be used to place "makers" (such as "TODO") that can be easily searched for later.
  • Parent: Optional field denoting the hierarchical parent configuration: this is used for hierarchical configuration inheritance, i.e. specialization of configuration.