Loginapp UI

Our Loginapp UI is a modern single-page web application (SPA) based on IAM's Loginapp REST API. The application interacts with the end-customer for authentication, self-services, and more using flexible and powerful IAM flows.

The Loginapp UI is a cost-effective alternative to building a dedicated UI on top of the Loginapp REST API. It is especially useful because it is designed to work with the flow-based REST APIs, i.e., in most cases, it does not have to be reconfigured if flows are adapted.

  1. Configuration of the Loginapp UI is done in 2 steps:
  2. REST API configuration.
  3. UI configuration.

Supported browsers

The Loginapp UI is tested with the last 2 versions of major browsers with a market share of more than 0.5%. Older versions of browsers may work but are untested.

In addition to the tested last 2 versions of major browsers, Firefox ESR is included in continued.

Further information and links