Cronto configuration in the JSP-Loginapp

Most Cronto settings are configured in the Cronto Handler plugin which is referenced by most other Cronto plugins.

This page summarizes how to configure Cronto features in the JSP-Loginapp.

Authentication configuration

Use the Cronto Authenticator plugin to configure authentication with Cronto.

It is typically added as the 2nd factor in MAIN SETTINGS >> Main Authenticator.

Self-service settings

The Cronto self-services allow users to register and manage Cronto devices and apps in the Loginapp (JSP). It is configured in Loginapp >>  Self-Service Settings >>  Cronto Self Service.

This plugin is necessary in nearly all cases because it enables the registration of new Cronto devices.

The following features can be enabled and configured:

  • Cronto device registration and activation.
  • Token migration settings (see also below).
  • Device management self-service: If enabled, users can use the URL /cronto-device-management in the JSP-Loginapp to manage their Cronto devices (add, edit, delete, disable/enable, activate/deactivate push notifications).
  • Cronto reset self-service: If enabled, users can choose to delete all their Cronto devices during login. This enables them to register a new device.

Token migration settings

The Cronto token migration settings are configured in:

Loginapp >> Self-Service Settings >> Migration Hint Page Settings and are necessary to allow migration from another 2nd factor to Cronto.

Additionally, the migration-relevant settings must be configured in the Cronto self-service settings (see above).