mTAN/SMS authentication configuration in the JSP-Loginapp

  • In MAIN SETTINGS - Authentication Settings, define MTAN/SMS Settings: this will configure everything related to mTAN authentication (including the SMS gateway and where the users' mobile phone numbers are stored)
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  • In the Main Authenticator, select MTAN/SMS Authenticator as the second authentication step
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  • SMS Gateway configuration:
    • Airlock IAM supports several SMS gateways and offers generic plugins that can be connected to many common gateways. SeeĀ Supported SMS providers.
    • Custom gateways can be connected by writing a corresponding SMS gateway plugin. Further information can be found in the IAM Custom Development Guide. You can request the latest version of the IAM Custom Development Guide by opening a support ticket. See ( Techzone - Airlock support process) for more information.
    • In most configuration templates, the plugin Dummy SMS Gateway is configured as an SMS gateway. It allows testing without an actual SMS gateway by writing SMS messages to the log file instead of sending them. The messages can be seen in the log viewer (selecting the corresponding module, e.g. "Login Application", as application).