Username and password in the JSP-Loginapp

The following information explains how to configure username and password authentication in the JSP-Loginapp.

Most important authenticator plugins

Usually, the check is done against the user repository:

  • Database: use Plugin Password Authenticator
  • Active Directory: use plugin Active Directory Connector
  • LDAP: use plugin LDAP Connector

Note that there are other plugins suitable for password checks. To get an up-to-date list of licensed plugins for your release, refer to the Config Editor.

Please refer to the selected plugin's documentation in the Config Editor for further details about the configuration. Click on the information.svg's.


In order to configure username/password authentication, select (or create) one of the above plugins as First Authenticator in the Main Authenticator.

The Main Authenticator is configured at MAIN SETTINGS >> Main Authenticator (or Loginapp >> Authentication Settings >> Authenticator).


Further password configuration steps are required for password management tasks i.e. initial password change. Proceed with Password management to finish the password setup in the Loginapp.