Event-based subscriber notification

The IAM modules Adminapp and Loginapp produce events on various occasions. Events are (Java) objects instances that are aimed to be processed asynchronously by an event subscriber. Any of the available events can be used to send an e-mail notification over the event bus to an end-user or an admin subscriber.

A User Locked event can be used to trigger an e-mail to inform an end-user that his or her account has been locked. The content of event-triggered e-mails may contain further information to inform and support the subscriber.

By design, the event bus is limited to the boundaries of the module (Adminapp or Loginapp) as shown in the illustration below:

Event Architecture
  • Note that:
  • An event must be consumed within the same module. It is not possible to produce an event in the Loginapp and consume it in the Adminapp.
  • Some events e.g. User Locked can be triggered by producers in both Loginapp and Adminapp. To consume all these events, separate subscribers must be configured in both Loginapp and Adminapp.
  • Events are not stored. If an error occurs during the handling of an event, the event is lost.
  • Events are asynchronous. Once the producer created the event it will continue processing. No response is expected.

Events can also be used to inform custom subscribers. This can be required, e.g., when events should be used for service endpoints or when sending an e-mail is not the appropriate method.

Known limitations

JSP-Loginapp does not support event producers.