JSP-Loginapp vs. Loginapp REST UI

Currently, Airlock IAM provides two different types of web front-ends: The old JSP-Loginapp and the new Loginapp REST UI.


JSP-Loginapp (old Loginapp)

Old web-frontend based on Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSPs), and Authenticator plugins.

This is the old type of Loginapp that has existed since the first version of the product.

  • Characteristics
  • Server-side rendering of web pages.
  • Based on Java Server Pages (JSPs) and HTML templates.
  • UI customizing based on CSS and custom JSPs.
  • No interface for other clients.

The JSP-Loginapp has been deprecated. See JSP-Loginapp Deprecation Announcement for further information.

Loginapp REST UI (new Loginapp)

The new Loginapp REST UI is a modern Angular-based browser application that uses the Loginapp REST API.

  • Client-side rendering of web pages.
  • Based on Angular
  • Uses the Loginapp REST API to communicate with Airlock IAM. It uses the same API as other IAM clients (e.g. mobile applications).
  • Supports the flow-based approach.
  • Provides an SDK to customize the design of the web application.

If migrating from the old to the new Loginapp, please carefully read Migrating from the JSP-Loginapp to the Loginapp REST UI.

Organization of this documentation

The documentation is organized to reflect the Loginapp REST UI in the first place. Regarding the new and the old loginapp, It is organized as follows:

  • Texts exclusively relating to the JSP-Loginapp are located in the top-level chapter JSP-Loginapp.
  • Conceptual texts relating to both login applications are not specially marked and can be found via the other top-level chapters.
  • Texts relating only to the Loginapp REST UI are not specially marked and can be found via the other top-level chapters.