Loginapp migration - when to migrate?

When is the right time to migrate to the new Loginapp? The answer depends on multiple factors, some of which are given below.

General reasons for migration

If you are in one of the following situations, we strongly recommend making use of the new Loginapp:

  • If you are a new IAM customer (or using the Loginapp module for the first time).
  • If the JSP-Loginapp does no more meet your requirements.
  • If you are about to implement new use-cases in the Loginapp.
  • If you are planning to enhance the customer journey with the Loginapp.
  • If you are planning to redesign the Loginapp pages (UI customizing).
  • If you are planning to use a mobile app using the same or similar flows as the Loginapp.

When will the JSP-Loginapp be removed?

IAM 7.7 is the last version containing the 7.7. IAM 8.0 is scheduled for spring 2023 and will no more contain the JSP-Loginapp.

Discontinuation announcement for JSP Loginapp