Installation of the Loginapp REST UI SDK

The Loginapp REST UI SDK is a standalone application designed to run locally. It does not require an actual Airlock IAM installation.


  • An internet connection is required to download Loginapp REST UI SDK and dependencies.
  • The Loginapp REST UI SDK runs on the following OS:
    • Mac OSX
    • Linux
    • Windows (via WSL 2)


  • bash (version 3.2 or newer)
  • tar (with zlib or gzip)
  • zip

Download and installation

  1. Download the Loginapp REST UI SDK from the release download page that matches your current Airlock IAM version:
  2. Unpack the UI SDK (example for version 7.7):
  3. copy
    cd airlock-iam-loginapp-rest-ui-sdk-7.7
  4. The installed directory contains 2 files (and a hidden folder that should not be modified):
    • with a link to the latest documentation
    • SDK: a CLI to use the Loginapp REST UI SDK

Known limitations

The SDK uses the underlying operating system ability to monitors all files to detect changes. The SDK uses this mechanism to automatically detect when the page needs to be refreshed. How many files can be monitored depends on the configuration of the number of inotify watches configured in the operating system.

This works well on standalone computers but running multiple instances of the SDK on a server system may require an increase of inotify watches permitted by the operating system.