Stop representation (flow diagram)

The following flow diagram shows how the different systems are involved when stopping representation.


  • The representer is logged in.
  • The representer has the right to represent the representee.

Flow diagram

Note that the flow diagram does not show all HTTP requests and responses but gives a conceptual view. The HTTP requests depend on the type of login application (Loginapp REST UI or JSP-Loginapp).

  1. To stop a representation session, the stop representation end-point on the representer Loginapp (/airlock-iam-int) is called. If the representer wants to get redirected back to the internal application, a corresponding Location can be added to the endpoint's URI. If the location parameter is omitted, the representer will see the logout page of the representee Loginapp.
  2. The representer Loginapp sends a logout request to the representee Loginapp together with the Location parameter (if present).
  3. After terminating the representee session, the representee Loginapp redirects the browser back to the representer application (or other location if specified by the Location parameter).

Examples URL to stop representation

In the Loginapp REST UI:

In the JSP-Loginapp: