Internationalization (i18n) for labels

In the screenshot above, the label has been directly set to 'My Data'. The disadvantage is that translation to other languages does not work. The preferred approach is to enter a key in the label field that has its counterpart in the strings properties files of IAM.

For example:

  • Set the label in the configuration to:
  • Add the following to Daten
  • Add the key and its translation to the other properties files depending on the translations you want to support.

The UI will then automatically transform the key to its translation in the UI.

Different titles for detail containers

For a list of tokens, one detail container per token is rendered. In some cases, it may be desirable to change a detail container title based on the position in the list.

This can be done in the string properties file as follows:

  • Type
  •[0]=This is only for the first token

The UI will then use for the first token the title "This is only for the first token" whereas all other entries just use "My Type". The positions are numbered beginning from 0 (zero).