UI building blocks

The UI consists of building blocks that are reflected in the configuration. It's important to understand some of these building blocks in order to configure the UI.

Consider the following example screenshot (showing the details of one token of a user):

  1. Detail Container: a detail container is a grouping of information and actions. In the context of token controllers, it groups information of a single token. The number of detail containers shown is thus the number of tokens that a user has.
  2. Input Field: suitable to enter and modify data. Input fields may have constraints like requiring input or input validation based on a pattern.
  3. Text Message: suitable to display information that should not be modified.
  4. Button and Button Groups: buttons allow actions to be carried out. They may be aligned left or right and have an icon. In order for the UI to properly align the buttons, buttons should be members of an invisible button group. Note that buttons can also be outside a detail container.