AuthnRequest for an unknown target application

Exception (in IdP):

FedLib: IDPSSOFederate: IDPSSOFederate.doSSOFederate: Issuer in Request is not valid.


 SamlErrorServlet: SAML2 Exception: Exception-ID 9952:1518, code="InvalidSAMLRequest", message="The SAML Request is invalid."; stack trace might be in the debug log


The SP sending the AuthnRequest is not in the configured list of SAML target applications. The list of configured entity IDs can be found in the configuration or by looking at the following debug log statement and comparing it to the entity ID the SAML SP sent:

2015-06-01 08:13:09,780 DEBUG [TRC - DEFAULT - SID: 5f5d10483b3b0870d2b1ff92d1cb120c - RID: VWv39Kwc6-oAAMpib90AAAEn] | 001 FedLib: COTUtils: COTUtils.protocolMapToSet: return[app1|saml2, app2|saml2, myIdp|saml2, app3|saml2, app4|saml2]

In this example, the entity IDs app1, app2, app3, app4, and myIdp are configured in Airlock IAM.


Add the requested SAML SP and target application or adjust the entity ID in the existing sp-*xml files to match the requested application.