To enable  the application portal:

  • If using MAIN SETTINGS: MAIN SETTINGS >> Application Settings >> Portal Settings
  • Otherwise: Loginapp >> Application Settings >> Portal Settings

To display an application portal after login:

  • In the target application settings of each application, edit the "Portal Settings":
  • 45393110.png
  • Show in Portal: check this box to make the application visible on the portal. Remember that an application link is only shown if the corresponding application is accessible by the logged-in user (either directly or via step-up).
  • Label Key In Portal: This key is used to translate the label behind the application link. Remember to add the translated labels to the string property files (howto). If not defined, the URL itself is displayed. 
  • Portal Application Group Id: provide a group id if the application should be displayed as a member of a group. Available groups are defined in the portal settings.

To display the portal automatically after login:

  • Create a target application for the portal
  • Make it the default application
  • Use the following settings:
  • 83106259.png

    Note that the above example configuration uses an URL pattern that works even if the portal is not the default application. In the above example, the Airlock Gateway (WAF) entry path "/portal" and the external host name "airlock" are used.