URL settings

This config property group is about URLs of the target application:




URL Pattern

Regular expression matched against the forward location (the URL the user originally tried to access): if it matches, this target application is chosen (see further below for details).

The forward location is usually an absolute URL including protocol, host and path (potentially including a port).

Example forward location to match: https://my.example.com/customer-portal/some-subpage/some-page.php

Use the regular expression tester to verify the pattern by clicking on the green "abc" icon.

The URL pattern of the Default Target Application is not relevant.

Note that all URLs a user can be forwarded to - i.e. all target applications' possible URLs - must match the white list of allowed URLs in the "Security Settings" of the login application! See separate section for details.



(note that the last example is virtual host independent, but it may be inaccurate, because it may match other applications' URLs!)

Application Entry URLs

A list of regular expressions defining the allowed entry URLs of this application.

If the forward location URL does not match any of the specified regular expressions, the user is redirected to the "Default URL". The matching is case-insensitive.

With this property the directly accessed URLs after authentication, step-up, and alike can be limited. Use this to prevent redirects to applications that cannot handle "deep links" after authentication (e.g. directly access a step in the middle of a workflow after re-authentication).


Default URL

Defines the default URL within the application. It is used by Airlock IAM in the following situations:

  • If allowed entry URLs are defined and the forward location does not match any of them (click on in the Config Editor to get more information about the allowed entry URLs).
  • As link in the application portal (if enabled)

The URL has to be absolute (e.g. https://my.example.com/customer-portal/index.php or relative to the virtual host (e.g. /customer-portal/index.php)!