Adding a new target applications

To add a new target application, click on the "+" icon on the right of property "Target Application" to create a new entry in the list.


Then click on the "+" in the new entry to create a new configuration object.


to the property "Target Application" (or next to "Default Target Application" if you wish to use the new application as default application).

Choose a meaningful identifier for the target application so you can find the configuration later.

Currently, there are two types of target applications (there may be more choices in later versions):

  • SAML2 IdP Target Application: for applications with a SAML SP (service provider) accepting SAML assertions. Please refer to SAML 2.0 (conceptual information) for further details.
  • ID Propagator Target Application: for all other applications (including OAuth, Open ID Connect, and alike).

  • Choose the "ID Propagator Target Application" and click "Create & Edit"  (creates a new empty configuration and displays its details).

The rest of this tutorial is only about "Id Propagator Target Application" types.