mTAN/SMS self-service configuration in the JSP-Loginapp

Configuration entry points to mTAN/SMS self-services can be found in the Config Editor as specified in the table below. Please refer to the documentation in the Config Editor for further information.




Main Settings

Most mTAN/SMS self-service settings are part of the main mTAN/SMS settings: see group Self Services.

MAIN SETTINGS >> Authentication Settings >> mTAN/SMS Settings

Enable/Disable and Special Settings

To enable/disable the mTAN/SMS self-services and to edit special configuration properties, go to the self-service configuration of the login application.

Loginapp >> Self-Service Settings >> mTAN/SMS Self Service

Migration Hint Page

To let the Loginapp ask the user to migrate to mTAN/SMS after successful login, the corresponding Migration Hint Page settings have to be defined:

  • Define a Target Authentication Type entry for migration to mTAN/SMS
  • Within it, use:
    • Type: MTAN
    • Target Auth Method: MTAN
    • Other settings as required

The demo configuration already contains this configuration.

Loginapp >> Self-Service Settings >> Migration Hint Page Settings

IAK Letter GenerationTask 

A task that generates IAK letters for all users with the mTAN IAK order flag set, use the following configuration:

  • Define a task in the Task Scheduler Service (Service Container)
  • Use the task plugin Token Task with mTAN IAK Token Report Strategy)

Service Container >> Services >> Task Scheduler Config >> Service

IAK Letter Generation from Adminapp

To generate IAK letters directly from the Adminapp, configure a Secret Letter Renderer in the mTAN/SMS Token Controller plugin within the Adminapp.

Adminapp >> Users >> Authentication Tokens (Credentials) >> mTAN/SMS Token Controller

Note that the above flow and configuration hints are based on the usage of the "Main Authenticator" as the main authentication plugin.