Unlock self-service configuration in the JSP-Loginapp

Flow diagram

User unlock self-service flow diagram

The following configuration parameters directly define the behavior of the unlock self-service facility:

  • Configuration path: Loginapp >> Self-Service Settings >> Unlock Self Service
  • Max Unlock Attempts
  • The number of allowed self-unlock attempts. This includes failed and successful attempts. If this number of attempts is reached, the user is permanently locked and has to be unlocked using the Admin Tool.

    This counter is reset only after a successful login.

  • Unlock Authenticator
  • The authenticator to be used during the unlock process. This defines the authentication method to be used.

    The choices in this list are limited to those compatible with the unlock self-service.

  • Display Unlock Button
  • If checked, allows users to unlock themselves.

  • Display Order Password Button
  • If checked, allows users to order a new password letter. This will also unlock the user (so the new password letter can be used to log in).