Second step: User name and password

The content of the second form is pre-determined and currently not configurable. It consists of a field to enter a user name and two fields to enter the password. The entered user name will be checked against the database to avoid duplicates user names, and the password must comply with the password policies configured for the application.

However, there are also several aspects than can be configured for this step:

  • A "user name suggester" can be configured, which will suggest user names based on the personal data entered on the first form. Again, the Airlock IAM┬áplugin mechanism allows for highly customizable solutions. It can further be determined if the user is allowed to modify the suggested user name.
  • The "user persister" can be chosen. This gives very fine-grained control on how and where the new user will be inserted into the system. Also specific flags and actions for self-registered users can be configured.
  • Selecting a "password service" allows to control the policies for the new passwords.

How the second form looks like: