Digipass OTP configuration in the JSP-Loginapp

The demo configuration template for Airlock IAM already contains a pre-configured Main Authenticator plugin that is able to authenticate with Digipass OTP tokens.

It is used by default in the Loginapp authentication process and the RADIUS server.

The demo configuration uses a Dummy Vasco Handler so it can be used to demo or test authentication and token management. Thus, when applying the steps below to the default configuration template, you only need to change a few properties.

  • To configure authentication:
  • Choose the plugin Token Authenticator
  • Use the Vasco Token Verifier in property Token Verifier
  • Choose the Native Vasco Handler in property Vasco Handler

The resulting authenticator plugin is normally used as part of a 2-factor authentication process.

  • Use the Main Authenticator plugin and use the Token Authenticator (as configured as above) as 2nd factor.
  • In the demo configuration and all other documentation, the authentication method identifier is VASCO (for historical reasons).

The resulting Main Authenticator plugin can be used in several components for authentication:

  • MAIN SETTINGS as Main Authenticator
  • in the RADIUS Server: use it as Authenticator