Alternatives to the Airlock 2FA App

Using Airlock 2FA is not limited to the Airlock 2FA app. You may use the following alternatives:


The Futurae app is also available in the app stores and works with Airlock 2FA with the following limitations:

  • At the time this manual was written, it does not support Offline QR codes (especially used for offline transaction approval).
  • It does not support application- or service-specific logos.
  • It is not multilingual (limited to English).
  • It may ask the user to unlock the phone during authentication even if the service account is configured to omit this check.

Custom app

You may develop a custom app for using Airlock 2FA. An app SDK is available from Futurae.
Contact Airlock staff for further information at

App integration

Using Futurae's SDK you may integrate Airlock 2FA functionality into your own business app (e.g. in the e-Banking app).
Contact Airlock staff for further information at