Example - Logging to stdout only

In addition to only setting "iam.log.structured-stdout.enabled=true", this example disables the writing of additional log files.

Be aware that removing the "PARSABLE" or "IAM-USER-TRAIL" appenders means that the log viewer built into Adminapp will stop working.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Configuration name="Loginapp Log4j 2 Configuration">
		<Logger name="com.airlock.iam.log.audit">
			<!-- <AppenderRef ref="IAM-AUDIT"/> -->

		<Logger name="com.airlock.iam.log.usertrail">
			<!-- <AppenderRef ref="IAM-USER-TRAIL"/> -->

		<Root level="${sys:iam.log.level}">
			<!-- <AppenderRef ref="PARSABLE"/> -->