Uninstall Docker image

Before uninstalling, back up any files you might want to keep (preferably to a different machine).

To uninstall Airlock IAM completely, run the following commands on Airlock Gateway (WAF):

airlock-docker-cli stop iam
airlock-docker-cli rm iam
airlock-docker-cli volume rm iam-config
airlock-docker-cli image rm airlock-iam:7.7 
airlock-docker-cli system prune

If you are certain that no other Docker containers are used, the Docker host component on the Airlock Gateway (WAF) can be uninstalled:

# IMPORTANT: Make sure none of the containers are needed and all data is backed up
airlock-docker-cli ps -a
# Irreversibly delete the entire Docker host
airlock-docker-host-setup -u