Shell access to Airlock IAM

To access the Docker volume and the Airlock IAM CLI without a running container:

airlock-docker-cli run \
	--entrypoint /bin/bash -it --rm \
	--mount source=iam-config,target=/home/airlock/iam \

To attach directly to a running container for troubleshooting, use airlock-docker-cli exec.

For unnamed containers, run airlock-docker-cli ps to find the container ID/name and run the following:

airlock-docker-cli exec -it iam /bin/bash

Copying files into the IAM container

For example, the Airlock IAM License can be activated by copying the file "/home/airlock/iam/license.txt" into the docker container.

# Copy license file (containing the Airlock Gateway (WAF) and Airlock IAM license) from the Gateway (WAF) to the IAM container
airlock-docker-cli cp /opt/airlock/login/license.txt iam:/home/airlock/iam/license.txt

# Use a "root" shell to fix the file permissions:
airlock-docker-cli run \
	--entrypoint /bin/bash -it --rm \
	--mount source=iam-config,target=/home/airlock/iam \
	--user 0 \
	airlock-iam:7.7 \
	-c 'chown airlock:root /home/airlock/iam/license.txt && chmod 660 /home/airlock/iam/license.txt'