How to use custom HTML markup code

This approach is not recommended.

By following it:

  • You take full responsibility for the resulting HTML code
  • You deviate from a future-proof upgrade path where upgrades may incur substantial additional customization work.
  • New Loginapp releases (or updates) document in the release notes whenever changes to existing JSP/HTML pages are necessary or if new pages have been added. Please read them carefully when upgrading to a new version and adapt the custom JSP pages accordingly.

If the desired design cannot be implemented by the means described in the previous sections, you can also provide completely custom HTML/JSP code. If doing so, make sure it contains the corresponding JSP-Code as in the provided default pages.

You can find and extract the JSP pages used by the Loginapp as follows:

  • To see what JSP pages exist in the loginapp: $JAVA_HOME/bin/jar ft .releases/medusa/<version>/loginapp.war. The files reside in templates-1.0 and templates-2.0 subdirectories respectively.
  • To extract a single JSP page (example): $JAVA_HOME/bin/jar ft .releases/medusa/<version>/loginapp.war templates-2.0/login.jsp (and templates-2.0/content/login-content.jsp, respectively)
  • Then copy the extracted JSP page to either (create the "loginapp-layout" directory if required):
    • instances/common/loginapp-layout/2.0 (affects all instances)
    • instances/<instance-name>/loginapp-layout/ (affects only one instance)