Log message formats

For details on architecture and deployment of the logging infrastructure see: Processing Airlock IAM log output

For a list of all log files see: Generating Airlock IAM log output

For detailed information on the configuration of the logging see: Logging configuration

Airlock IAM currently supports two types of log message formats that are considered API and that remain backwards compatible across version upgrades of Airlock IAM with the following guarantees:

  • existing log formats will not be modified 
  • in structured logs, attributes may be added and enumerations may be extended with new values

The two types of Airlock IAM log messages formats are characterized as follows:

  • "Main" log format is line oriented fixed width log format
  • structured Log Format are JSON Objects with key=value pairs for logging attributes

The "Main" log format is currently under full support but may be deprecated at some point in the future. The structured log format was newly introduced with IAM Version 7.1 and is recommended for new projects that integrate Airlock IAM log messages into a SIEM system.