Generic token controller for token management in the Adminapp

Generic Token Controllers extend the IAM Adminapp with custom management features. They offer a way to add project-specific functionality to the Adminapp.

The managed data has to be connected to a user and is displayed on the user detail page as in the following example:

Adminapp - menu Users, tab MY-OWN-TOKEN
  • Usage examples:
  • Manage customer-specific token data stored in the IAM database (credential persister or token data provider).
  • Manage tokens by interacting with a 3rd-party token server.
  • Display additional user information.
  • Display additional token or device information.

New generic token UI plugins in IAM 8.0

The Generic Token Controller's UI plugins Default Token Controller UI and Customizable Token Controller UI will be replaced by simpler and less flexible UI configuration plugins in IAM 8.0.

The UI configuration of the Generic Token Controller will have to be reconfigured manually.

UI settings that are no more supported (e.g. calls to custom REST APIs) must be re-implemented using a new custom extension mechanism.