Customizing UI (look and feel) of the JSP-Loginapp

The look and feel of the Airlock IAM Loginapp (JSP) pages can be customized without having to write or change code. The customization can be performed by adding or changing a number of JSP and HTML pages, style sheets (SCSS), images, and text resource files (for translations).

How to change the latter (text fragments) is described here: Customizing text elements in the Loginapp (JSP).

The Loginapp (JSP) user interface can be customized in different ways:

  1. Re-use the default Airlock IAM layout and adjust a limited set of parameters (CSS, images).
  2. This is the fastest option requiring the least amount of work.

  3. Extend the default Airlock IAM layout with a custom header and footer.
  4. Simply adding decorations above and below the Airlock IAM content is a standard case and easy to achieve.

  5. You define your own page layout and define where Airlock IAM content elements are placed.
  6. When simple styling is not enough - because, for example, you require additional content or a multi-column layout on these pages - this option provides you with a great deal of flexibility at the cost of you being responsible for the generated HTML code.

  7. Custom HTML markup (not recommended).
  8. Finally, if all else fails, you have the option of providing your very own JSP files to take complete control of how the pages look like. This was the original customization approach, leading to substantial effort and cost.

Options 1 & 2 are strongly recommended and offer the following advantages:

  • The look and feel will be the same for all Loginapp pages.
  • The look and feel is correct for new pages added in future releases or updates of the Loginapp.
  • The risk of errors is very small because no JSP code of Airlock IAM needs to be changed.
  • Using the Instance Manager, it is very easy to add new styles for new instances.