Application portal (JSP-Loginapp)

The application portal is a simple "portal page" within the login application.

It shows the following to the authenticated user:

  • show basic user information
  • list accessible applications after authentication
  • list accessible applications after step-up
  • provide access to self-services (see Self-services for end-users)
  • Logout link

The application portal page offers the following features:

  • Group applications: Application groups can be defined and each application can be part of a group. A description may be displayed for each group.
  • Display user information: All user information is available on the portal application page (e.g. say hello or display last login date etc.)
  • Display Logout and Password Change Link
  • Simple customization:┬áThe portal application is a simple JSP page that can be customized (see Customizing UI (look and feel) of the JSP-Loginapp ).

For further information about features, refer to the plugin documentation in the ConfigEditor. Plugin "Portal Application Config".