Securing applications with the JSP-Loginapp

This tutorial shows how to make target applications accessible after authentication with Airlock IAM.

This includes the following tasks:

  • Target Application Configuration: basic settings about the target application
  • Identity Propagation: how information about the authenticated user (typically the user's name) is transported to the target application(s).
  • SSO / Federation Settings: advanced settings influencing how user information is transformed before propagating it to the target application

This tutorial assumes that Airlock IAM as well as the target applications are accessed via Airlock Gateway (WAF) and the Gateway (WAF) settings in Airlock IAM are configured correctly.

This tutorial assumes that the "Authentication flow" setting on the Airlock Gateway (WAF) mapping is set to "Redirect".

If not familiar with Airlock Gateway (WAF)/IAM access control concepts, please read Basic access control concepts first.