Digipass OTP self-service (JSP-Loginapp)

Self-service use-case

The OneSpan (Vasco) Digipass Token self-service is used in the following scenario:

  • Token-Migration: Users change from some authentication method to username/password with OneSpan (Vasco) Digipass OTP tokens using this self-service.
  • Token-Activation: Users have one or multiple OneSpan (Vasco) Digipass OTP tokens assigned and wish to activate such a token for later usage.


The following requirements must be met to use the self-service:

  • The OneSpan (Vasco) Digipass tokens must be available in Airlock IAMĀ (i.e. imported using the token management in the admin application).
  • One or more token must be assigned to affected users.
  • Users must be authenticated to use the self-service
  • If used for token migration with the "Migration Hint Page": choose "Vasco Token" as next authentication method for the user (also see below).